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Lighting Design

From art illumination and led “green” lights to the colorful world of RGB lighting and DMX control, we can clean up your kitchen ceiling, properly light your gallery and accentuate your cabinets.  We work closely with architects, builders and interior designers, designing, specifying, and recommending the right lighting solutions for any room.



Lighting Control

We want to help you manage your home’s lighting and energy costs.  Whether a 20,000 sq. ft. estate or luxury condo in uptown, we create the perfect lighting control design.  For almost 10 years, Vantage lighting has been our system of choice. Reliable with outstanding support, industry leader Vantage has been saving clients thousands over Lutron, especially on bigger projects.




Ugly Light Switches No More

As a design-centric company, our first goal is to beautify the spaces in which we are working. Getting rid of 3-gang and 4-gang banks of light switches is a must! With mostly single gangs and a couple two-gang dimmer keypads, we can give you total control of your entire home and lighting scenes. And with engraved buttons on the dimmer keypads, you and your guests can easily control any area in the home.

Being a premier home automation design group, we are always looking at the connected home. We will tie in your lighting to your touch panels, iPads, iPhones, and hand-held remotes for easy access to house lighting and shades. One touch of a button, and your home will come to life. Entertain and evening scenes, intimate settings and even a “vacation” mode making managing your home’s lighting simple…every time.