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50,000 Sq. Ft. of Smart Home Design

While not the biggest estate we have worked on, Le Reve  is our ultimate estate project with a 27-seat theater, theater lobby, 50’s Café, bowling alley, golf simulation room, and karaoke room…all in the basement.  Advanced lighting control, security interfaces, home entertainment systems and even videoconferencing in the home office were controlled via multiple AMX home automation systems tied together.  The amount of design details on such significant project could not be handled by just any ordinary audio video company.  We were recommended by AMX on this project…all the way in Georgia.



69,000 Sq. Ft. Florida Paradise

After rescuing multiple large projects gone awry in Naples, Florida, we were asked to program the state’s largest home automation system (at the time) in West Palm Beach.  We provided system design and software for the luxurious 69,000 sq. ft. estate with a complex AMX home automation system, massive lighting and shade system and elaborate security system.  The amount of touch panels, controllers, and AV sub-systems was staggering.  Only a few residential systems firms in the world could manage and develop the software for a project of this stature.  Again, our team was called all the way from Dallas.